A Bright Solar Future for Big Sky Country

This summer, Montana witnessed a historic victory in climate rights. A state judge handed a landmark win to youth activists battling climate change, reversing a recently passed state law that prohibited state agencies from considering planet-warming pollution when permitting fossil fuel projects. The judge based her decision on “a fundamental constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment, which includes climate as part of the environmental life support system.”

This court decision, along with the rising demand for clean energy, has set the stage for renewable resources to shine in Montana. In 2022, Montana ranked among the top 10 states with the largest share of electricity generated from renewables, and it receives 26% more solar resources than the country’s average. By providing over 10% of Montana’s solar power, we at Adapture Renewables are proud to be part of that bright future.

Shining Bright: Our Montana Portfolio

Adapture Renewables’ six projects across Montana play a big role in the state’s total of 248 megawatts of installed solar capacity. Over the last year alone, our installations generated over 31,941 megawatt-hours of emissions-free solar power – enough to power approximately 4,200 local households. They boast exceptional performance metrics, above 98.5%.

From our Great Divide solar array in northwestern Montana to our Magpie and South Mills installations in the southeast, our projects are among the largest in the state and show that solar energy is flourishing across Montana.

In addition to clean energy, our Montana solar projects generate local jobs and economic opportunity. The construction of solar farms provides employment for dozens of contractors and laborers, landowners receive reliable rental income through site lease agreements, and the community receives tax revenue from the project.

Once operational, our solar installations deliver something invaluable – energy autonomy. Local residents and businesses gain access to homegrown, emissions-free power generated almost in their own backyards. Montana is a major energy exporter to the rest of the United States, and with clean and reliable solar energy, these communities can continue powering themselves sustainably. That’s how Montana solar farms make a positive impact economically, environmentally, and socially.

River Bend Solar & Green Meadow Solar: Results That Speak for Themselves 

Our Big Sky portfolio of solar projects provides a shining example of what clean energy can do for Montana. River Bend Solar, our 2.8-megawatt project in Reed Point, has been actively generating emissions-free electricity for local homes and businesses since 2017. Here’s the facts about the project:

  • River Bend Solar generates over 4,457 megawatt-hours of solar energy per year.
  • That’s enough clean electricity to power over 600 Montana homes annually.
  • River Bend has performed exceptionally over its lifetime, with a near-100% weather-adjusted performance metric.

Our Helena-based 4.2-megawatt Green Meadow Solar project recently hosted a group of students from the Wild Rockies Field Institute, associated with the University of Montana. The students visited the solar farm along their 28-day, 700-mile bike route to tour the facility, see how utility-scale solar projects are operated and maintained, and learn about clean energy careers.

With their track records of clean energy production and community involvement, River Bend Solar and Green Meadow Solar demonstrate our commitment to powering Montana communities sustainably for years to come.